Disinfection cleaning & fogging services UK wide.

Trained and experienced teams

Quick response times – within 5 hours

Effective and bespoke methods

From £2 sqm and 15% off your first order!

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- Environmentally friendly

- Return within an hour

- Bleach Free

We provide our disinfection services to;





-Student accommodation

-Nursing Homes

-Construction sites



and any other type of premises in need of this service.

Disinfection cleaning & fogging services UK wide.

In the recent wake of the pandemic we are working with businesses and properties to support them with the disinfecting and sanitising of their premises.

Our trained and experienced teams are covering antiviral infection control cleaning as well as fogging services across the UK.

Disinfecting and fogging your premises is very effective and 99.99% of Viruses & Bacteria will be killed (Including Covid-19) on which you are able to return to your premises after an hour.

✓ A thorough regime of surface cleaning by full chemical fogging.

✓ The highest medical grade disinfection products are used in our cleaning.

Our powerful steam fogging machines are able to sanitise and disinfect vast areas quickly without missing any surfaces. We use a government approved virucidal germicide in our fogging machines. Although very powerful, it is 100% environmentally friendly and effective against a broad spectrum of viruses. When in operation, our fogging machines produce large volumes of fine mist which lands on both hard and soft surfaces without causing any harm. This method ensures that every area of your premises is reached and every surface is properly sanitised. In addition, our fogging process can keep your business disinfected and virus free for up to 7 days.

Cost of Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Services

The cost of our Covid-19 deep cleaning and fogging services depends on the size of the area to be cleaned. Please feel free to get in touch for more information or a quote.